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Why Choose Hickory?

A strong hardwood known for vibrant grain patterns and dramatic color variation, you’ll find that hickory adds dramatic color and style to your kitchen.  Hickory also exhibits random pecks, burls and mineral streaks, providing striking color and interesting texture to your kitchen cabinets. Color ranges widely, from nearly white to dark brown.

Hickory is the sturdiest American wood and commonly used to make furniture and cabinets. No wonder pioneers allegedly made their wagon wheels out of hickory – they knew it was a heavy, strong wood that would serve them well on their voyage into the West. Hickory cabinets from DirectBuy are made from the same solid wood to ensure a lasting addition and focal point to your fabulous new kitchen design.

Unique Characteristics Of Hickory Cabinets

Grain: Fine grain with lovely patterns and color variation.

Characteristics: Extremely tough and resilient; smooth, even texture; quite hard and only moderately heavy.

Finishing: The grain pattern welcomes a full range of medium-to-dark finishes and bleaching treatments.

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