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Oak is a beautiful and very popular choice in kitchen cabinetry with its interesting uniform grain patterns. And now you can actually purchase top brand-name oak kitchen cabinets direct from the manufacturer and its authorized suppliers through DirectBuy.

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What Makes Oak a Good Choice for Kitchen Cabinets?

Oak is a very durable hardwood with many options in color. The color choices vary from light tan, pink, red, to dark brown. Both red oak and white oak are great choices providing strength and endurance you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Oak woods also stain well in any color and are wonderful choices for kitchen cabinets to create the look and style you want as the focal point of your kitchen. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful new kitchen with maximized storage and organization space. And you don’t have to pay hidden retail mark-up prices to create the kitchen of your dreams!

Unique Characteristics of Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Grain:The grain is distinguished by rays, which reflect light and add to oak’s attractiveness with beautiful hues in each panel. Depending on the cut, many distinctive and dramatic patterns emerge when your custom-designed oak kitchen cabinets are created.

Characteristics: Heavy, very strong and very hard, durable under exposure, great wear-resistance, holds nails and screws well.

Uses:Flooring, furniture, cabinets and decorative woodwork.

Finishing: Oaks can be stained beautifully with a wide range of finish tones.

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