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Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Finishes That Go Beyond Paint Or Stain

Glazed Kitchen CabinetsThere are countless beautiful kitchen cabinet finishes to consider. When it’s time for a change in your home, consider a finish that’s a little different and will remain in style for years to come. Distressed cabinets are a beautiful option, and cabinets glazed with a hint of color can be perfect for traditional or contemporary kitchens.


To distress your cabinets, start by giving them a fresh, beautiful coat of paint. Use cream or white paint for a traditional distressed finish, although you can use any paint color.

After the paint dries thoroughly, use sandpaper to lightly sand the cabinets, removing small amounts of paint. Sand in the direction of the grain at all times, and take care not to remove too much paint. Remove all dust and then apply a layer of stain to the cabinet. The stain will soak in more heavily where the paint was removed, creating a beautiful, aged finish.


Your local hardware store sells glazing paint. Combined with any color paint, it creates a translucent paint that lets the color show while also allowing the beautiful wood grain to show through. Light paint colors will let more of the grain show through while maintaining a bright, welcoming feel.

When you are ready to look at kitchen cabinet finishes, remember that there is more to choose from than paint or stain and solid colors. Distressing the cabinets will give you a beautiful finish and glazing will give you the beauty of color along with the magnificent wood grain.

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