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Choosing a Finish For Your New Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet HardwareAnother major decision when it comes to deciding which hardware to select is what kind of finish you want. Of course, this depends on a large variety of factors. If the rest of the home is already completed and you have brass fixtures throughout, it will be logical to continue that theme in the kitchen cabinets.

Finish Variety

However, if you have a variety of finishes throughout the house and the kitchen will stand alone, consider a unique color or a metallic finish like gold or stainless steel. Remember that older hardware can even be painted over to revitalize the look for just a few cents.

Look at the Big Picture

Whatever you ultimately decide, try to remember that the cabinetry hardware should complement the bigger picture. Search for pieces that look great with the existing decor in your home and add to the overall effect. While they should not be the focal point of the kitchen, they should certainly contribute to the look and feel of the space.

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