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Kitchen Cabinet Doors – Which Type is Right for You?

As the primary feature and design element of the kitchen, cabinets not only serve as functional storage solutions, but establish the decorative style of the heart of the home.

Kitchen cabinet types are wide and various, both in construction and in installation. Personal tastes, functionality, ease of installation and the family budget are all factors that can inform the best choice for your dream kitchen.

Five-Piece Cabinet Doors

Cabinets with a rectangular frame and inset panel, known as either five-piece doors or frame-and-panel cabinets, are a popular traditional cabinet option. The center panel can be either raised or recessed. In wooden five-piece doors, panels with wood veneer over plywood are more affordable, but may limit future alterations, as veneers are often too thin to be sanded. To prevent shrinking, thicker panels are advisable in areas with low humidity.

Slab Cabinet Doors

Available either in solid wood or with various coverings, slab cabinet doors are popular for their, sleek, streamlined look. Coverings include veneers, laminates, plastic compounds and paint. Doors edges can be beveled in an array of styles. Slab doors may feature finger grooves instead of hardware handles.

Whatever your style, whatever your budget, DirectBuy offers a wide range of kitchen cabinet options to help you design a kitchen just right for your taste and lifestyle.

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