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Kitchen Cabinets with Lattice Doors

antiqued cabinetsLattice makes a beautiful door front for your upper kitchen cabinets .  They slightly conceal the contents of your cabinets and add extra ventilation.  The lattice patterns can be in various formats such as horizontal or vertical slats, diamonds, squares, ovals, etc.

Add a Refined Look to Your Kitchen Cabinets with Lattice Door Fronts

Lattice door fronts can give a refined look to your kitchen cabinets and work well with contemporary, modern, or oriental designs.

Doors can be hinged or sliding for fully open access to items.  The additional ventilation provided with lattice front doors is helpful for your cabinets due to the fluctuating air moisture which occurs in a kitchen.  Give your kitchen a whole new look with uniquely styled lattice door front kitchen cabinets.

DirectBuy offers a wide array of beautiful kitchen cabinets in many of the most popular types of wood and other popular materials.  With manufacturer-direct wholesale prices, you can afford to choose quality kitchen cabinets and other kitchen remodeling products and save up to 50% off retail prices.

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