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Kitchen Cabinets Not Your Same Old Vinyl

cooking at homeBack in the day, vinyl laminate was used a lot for flooring and counter tops.  It was inexpensive but not very durable.

Remember those kitchen floors pealing up at the corners?  Vinyl laminate is making a comeback in today’s kitchen, but the vinyl laminate you will find on the market today has come a long way in durability and style.

New and Improved Vinyl Laminate

Today’s vinyl laminate is thicker and more durable.  The technology used in its manufacturing is light years from what it used to be.  While it is a higher quality material now, it continues to be relatively inexpensive.

Vinyl for Kitchen Cabinets

Most vinyl used in kitchen cabinets today is at least 2mils thick.  At this thickness, it wraps easily around the cabinet substrate and provides superior protection against moisture and abrasions.  You can choose from several designs which will look fabulous in your kitchen.

DirectBuy offers a wide array of beautiful kitchen cabinets in many of the most popular types of wood and other popular materials.  With manufacturer-direct wholesale prices, you can afford to choose quality kitchen cabinets and other kitchen remodeling products and save up to 50% off retail prices.

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