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Maximize Your Kitchen Storage With Cabinet Accessories

Using the Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen A common complaint in many kitchens is that despite a seemingly large amount of space, it is still difficult to find adequate storage for everything you own. Without proper drawer dividers, hooks and other organizers, even large deep drawers can quickly become disorganized, making it hard to find certain items when you need them most. Here are some tips for maximizing kitchen cabinet storage space:

Divide Drawers And Shelves

Having a big drawer doesn’t mean you need to throw everything into it, and hope you can find it in the future. Instead, consider adding in simple drawer dividers. This can mean your pots and pans drawer becomes two distinct locations, making it easier to locate certain items when you need them most. Add in dividers along your shelves to separate plates for easier stacking or storage.

Use Extra Space

With full cabinets, you might wonder where there could possibly be extra space in your kitchen. However, most kitchens do have available space both on the walls and the ceiling. Invest in some hooks and hanging baskets to keep close the items you need most often.

These top tips can help you with maximizing kitchen cabinet storage in your own home!

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