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Cleaning and Maintaining Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry Kitchen CabinetsThere are many reasons why people choose cherry cabinets for their kitchens. Cherry wood is a beautiful reddish-brown, creating a warm and slightly unusual look for a home. The color is versatile, making it the perfect fit in any home whether traditional or contemporary. The durability and strength of cherry also works to make it a clear winner in many kitchens.

When it comes to cherry cabinets, many homeowners are concerned with how to decorate with the red wood. However, it is easy to match and contrast with a range of colors. If you decide to use cherry kitchen cabinets in your own home, you will want to take the proper steps to care for, clean and maintain them for long as possible. Here are some of the best tips for caring for your cherry cabinets in the kitchen.

Regular Dusting

The most important way to care for cherry cabinets is to dust them frequently. Although cherry wood is very durable, it is not a hardwood. Bits of dirt, dust and debris that build up over time can scratch the surface of the cabinets and cause marks and damage in the future. By dusting the front and side panels of your cherry cabinets once or twice each week, a process that takes just seconds in most homes, you can prevent these damages from ever occurring.

Basic Cleaning

Most cabinets, if dusted regularly, will only need basic cleaning in order to stay looking great and maintained for years to come. In most cases, basic cleaning will include wiping down the wood with a soft rag that has been dipped in a solution of water and detergent. There are many commercial cleaning products that can be used for cherry wood, but in many instances soap and water will be sufficient as a way to clean the material.

Caring for Unfinished Cabinets

Unfinished cherry cabinets, such as those that have not been sealed or varnished, can be a beautiful addition in a more vintage or rustic home. However, it is important to care for these unfinished cabinets in a slightly different way. Rather than using commercial cleaning products, even if they are meant for cherry wood, it is recommended that homeowners stick to using a mixture of water and dish detergent. Then, wipe the surface of the cabinets clean with plain water to make sure the soap has been removed. Finally, you will need to dry the wood to prevent water from seeping into the grain and Cherry Kitchen Cabinetspotentially causing damage in the future.

Reducing the Appearance of Scratches

Even with proper care, scratches and minor dents can appear in cherry wood over time. Rather than replacing the cabinets entirely, there are a few steps that you can take to reduce the appearance of these marks. Dip a cotton bud, or Q-tip, into a solution of basic iodine and quickly wipe it along the dent or scratch. Be sure to wipe away any excess iodine so it can’t stain the surface of the surrounding wood. This quick and easy tip can completely eliminate the look of scratches in cherry cabinets.

Using Oil on Cherry Cabinets

What you use to finish the cherry cabinets will depend entirely on what was used to seal them initially. Cabinets sealed with polyurethane won’t need oil soap or an oil-based finish. On the other hand, cherry cabinets sealed with oil will need to regularly be wiped down after cleaning with mineral or linseed oil to keep the wood look as shiny and new as possible.

These are just a few of the best tips for keeping your cherry kitchen cabinets in great shape for years to come.

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